Real Testimonials

Kevin Donlon


From my experience this guy is awesome. I was 3000 miles away with a warrant and he had no problems helping me get it taken care of. He is definitely a busy guy, he did show up about 15 minutes late but when I called his office the secretary assured me he was on the way and the court knew. He walked in and right off the bat I felt better, I had never met him in person either until my court date. He knew everybody in the room, joking, laughing, eased the tension. He saved me a whole bunch of trouble. Only bad reviews seem to be from people who have never used a lawyer, they definitely aren't cheap, but you get what you pay for. Thanks Attorney Mack!

Savannah Moore


I knew from the moment I met Attorney Mark Mack, he was able to help me with my case. When I first walked into the office I was shook-up & scared & I had no idea what to do. Attorney Mack was very polite, & knew what he was doing. He's been very patient & was willing to work with me. This was my first time ever in trouble & Attorney Mack & his staff were very helpful & attentive.

John Denslow


I was recently in an altercation so I retained Attorney Mack. With my prior record and background, I knew I had to find the best attorney possible. I was facing five misdemeanor charges! Let me tell you... this guy walks in the court like a true (Boss). I don't know how, but I walked out with four out of five charges dropped, and a $198 fine. If you are looking for a true attorney, THIS IS YOUR GUY.

Megan Feeley


Nothing but amazing things to say about Mr. Mack... He made the impossible happen for us and we are forever grateful!!

Elena S


My name is Elena S. Attorney Mack was able to get my fraud charges dismissed. He was caring, courteous and very professional. I recommend Mark Mack to anyone finding themselves in a tough spot.

Kelly Girmen


Attorney Mack's experience and confidence speaks for itself. He's no nonsense, reliable, reasonable and truly does have your back! I'm a current client of Mack Law Offices.

Andrew Szoke


I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere and heart-felt gratitude to Attorney Mack for guiding me through the arduous legal process and providing me with the utmost confidence. Attorney Mack's expertise made my journey through the legal process much less stressful. Again, thank you very much. With genuine sincerity, M. Andrew Szoke.

Isabella Welles


I had a custody issue that I needed to be addressed. I decided to go with MACK even though his specialty is Criminal Defense because I wanted my custody matter to be handled aggressively, timely and professionally. I was very satisfied with my experience with Mark Mack and his staff. I definitely recommend Mack if you dealing with a problematic spouse, or your baby's mama is a jerk! Mack cuts through the BS, and exposes the truth and gets your life, and your children's back in order.

Jocelyn E


The staff and Mark Mack are all so kind and friendly. You feel like you have known them for years. They genuinely care, and listen to you. There is nothing more assuring than knowing that your attorney truly has your best interest at heart. I highly recommend Mack Law Offices!

Kristin D


Couldn't be happier with Mack Law Offices. A family member needed criminal services and he was able to help in ways we didn't think possible. He explained everything and answered all of our questions. The office staff was helpful as well. I highly recommend using Mr. Mack if you need a criminal lawyer.

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