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I interviewed 3 law firms with Mark at the Mack Law Firm being the last one. I retained them on the spot! First of all the communication was fluid from the start. I always spoke to someone, or had a call back within 30 minutes. While in the waiting room, I observed that this was a busy firm but they were very organized. Both attorneys understood what I wanted and never tried to sway me to take the easy route. First day in the court room, Mark showed his pedigree and I believe set the stage for our eventual outcome. He was relentless with the DA and the courts to get what was needed. Overall all, very pleased with the outcome, they negotiated a deal that exceeded my expectations. FYI Mark knows how to keep you grounded in these situations. I would highly recommend the The Mack Law Firm, they’re fighters. Thank you!

-Nathanal Fitzgerald

Mark is a great attorney. He’s been in the business a long time and does everything in his power to explain your case and rights to you. He had my case dropped from a charge that would have been career threatening to something that would be considered a traffic ticket. He is well connected and highly respected. If you’re looking for a lawyer with integrity, honesty, and does his job, Mack Law Offices is second to none. I would absolutely recommend him for any criminal or traffic case pending. You will not be displeased.

-Paolo Muniz

Did me a solid, negotiated a better plea than I could have hoped for or imagined...GREAT lawyer. Fast response time and very honest. Helped me with my speeding ticket and held my hand throughout the process.

-Rebeca Rodriguez

So happy with Mack Law Offices! We live outside of Pennsylvania, and did not know my husband had criminal charges pending against him, had missed his arraignment, and there was now a warrant out for his arrest. The office called us, very patiently explained the situation (over and over), and then we spoke with Mark that day. We were able to retain the firm immediately, and they rescheduled the arraignment right away. Mark represented us at the arraignment, had the warrant lifted, and we did not have to put down bail money. Ultimately, Mark got all charges dismissed at the preliminary hearing, including a Federal charge that carried a maximum sentence of ten years in prison. Very happy with the outcome, and also happy we were able to consult with Mark and his office long distance, and only had to come in to town twice for court. Highly recommend this firm, but hope we never need their services again! Thank you!!!

-Anna Tomassacci

Absolutely excellent service. Mark saved me not only tons of headaches & time, but saved me big time negotiating with the DMV as well as the courts. Always answered all my questions, whether voice, text, or email quickly, (and I'm the type that asked a lot of questions). Best money I've ever spent. Don't drink & drive would have been easier but I sure messed that one up. Thanks to him again!

-Raymond Montenegro



For the past 37 years, Mack Law Offices successfully provides each client with the highest caliber defense. We investigate each case thoroughly, prepare aggressively for trial, and negotiate effectively while observing the highest ethical standards at all times and in all places. We deal honestly and fairly with our clients, prosecutors, the courts, and law enforcement.

Mack Law Offices represents clients at all levels of state and federal prosecution, as well as those seeking to appeal their convictions. Our clients have been charged with a variety of criminal violations, ranging from misdemeanors, DUI, assault, drugs, sex crimes, burglary, theft, fraud to homicide. Through our team approach, Attorney Mack & his associates possess the experience, knowledge and expertise to rise to any legal challenge.


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Trust Your Defense to Our Seasoned Criminal Attorneys in Pennsylvania.
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Trust Your Defense to Our Seasoned Criminal Attorneys in Pennsylvania.
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Criminal convictions can have major consequences, from loss of employment to jail time and more. No matter your situation, securing reliable representation from a proven criminal defense attorney in Pennsylvania is crucial during this time. Mack Law Office is here to help you preserve your freedom and defend your name. We know the devastating effect that a criminal conviction can have on an individual's life, which is why we are here to ensure  you are treated fairly and given the best possible defense.

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explains the importance of choosing Mack Law criminal defense lawyers who will protect your legal rights.

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Pennsylvania's Best Criminal Defense Team

How to Avoid a Family Disaster at Thanksgiving

By Mack Law Offices

Few times during the year are more stressful than the holidays Does your family include a few alcoholics and loudmouths? Are family members as divided as the USA itself into blue and red states so that certain discussions become shouting matches? Are you combining sets of in-laws of different religions and backgrounds with different ideas…

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Protecting Your Loved Ones

By Mack Law Offices

Let us help you to protect your nearest and dearest Spending time with loved ones during the Thanksgiving holiday is the perfect time to discuss your intentions for your Estate Planning. Try these simple tips to take the stress out of Estate Planning: Make a Will– the attorneys at Mack Law Offices can assist you…

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If you think about drinking and driving during Thanksgiving…

By Mack Law Offices

If you think about drinking and driving during Thanksgiving… According to the Pennsylvania Highway Transportation Safety Administration, the highest number of holiday crashes and fatalities in 2014 happened around Thanksgiving. Avoid pre-partying and binge drinking at your Thanksgiving festivities. Know your limits and party responsibly. But if you or a loved one finds yourself in…

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Man with 3 DUIs Acquitted of Latest Charge

By Mack Law Offices

WILKES-BARRE – A city man who has been convicted of drunken driving three times escaped a fourth conviction Wednesday after a Luzerne County Court of Common Pleas jury acquitted him. Thomas Green, 37, of Stanton Street, had refused to take a field sobriety test or submit to a blood alcohol test after his arrest on…

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By Mack Law Offices

Mack Law Offices is experienced in Fraud & Bribery charges. The term bribery has been used a great deal in the press lately. From elected officials to developers, bribery is committed when an individual gives another individual money or something of value to buy influence. In order to be convicted of bribery, the prosecution much…

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By Mack Law Offices

Fraud is broadly defined as any offense which involves dishonesty, or other fraudulent act. A charge may include such acts as bankruptcy fraud, tax fraud, identity theft, insurance fraud, mail fraud, credit card/debit card fraud, securities fraud, telemarketing fraud, and wire fraud. Pennsylvania has very specific laws when governing fraudulent acts. Someone can be convicted…

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What is White Collar Crime?

By Mack Law Offices

White collar crime is defined as any non-violent criminal activity which occurs in a commercial or business setting. Such crimes are usually committed for financial gain. White collar crimes can be committed by individuals, organizations, businesses or corporations. Types of White Collar crimes include: Fraud Bribery Embezzlement Extortion Forgery Insider Trading and other Investment Schemes…

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When a night out turns into a legal nightmare…

By Mack Law Offices

This Halloween, you may be attending a party, or two. While it is socially acceptable to drink alcohol, we encourage you party safely. Here are a few things to avoid: “Pre-partying, Pre-gaming, or Frontloading,” all of which involve drinking before you go to that Halloween party. This can impair your judgment, alertness, coordination and reflexes.…

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Operación Crepúsculo acusados aparecen en el Tribunal Central

By Mack Law Offices

Nine defendants in the state attorney general’s office’s “Operation Sunset” case appeared for preliminary hearings in Lackawanna County Court on Monday – including two high-ranking members of one of the two alleged drug gangs busted in the case. Four of the defendants waived their right to a preliminary hearing, including Quincy “Sunny” Buckley, 31, 804…

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Las acusaciones graves disminuyó en pelotillas de escopeta Caso

By Mack Law Offices

The most serious charges against a convicted felon accused of firing a shotgun in the direction of four Wilkes-Barre cops in September, hitting them with pellets, will be dropped, his attorney said Tuesday. Vishamraj Ramnarain, 34, of Queens, N.Y., appeared in Wilkes-Barre Central Court on Tuesday morning for a scheduled preliminary hearing. His attorney, Mark…

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