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Attorney Mark Mack

Senior Counsel Mark Mack is an experienced criminal defense attorney and a former Assistant District Attorney of Luzerne County, PA. who is across the board, one zealous advocate who cares about his clients and has risen to a place of LEADERSHIP AMONGST HIS PEERS. MACK has a well-earned and established reputation among clients, prosecutors, judges, and local & state law enforcement agencies as an honest and trustworthy gentleman.

He recognizes the stress and anxiety brought about when clients are faced with criminal charges that may have a devastating effect on their lives and their families. Attorney Mack is compassionate and sympathetic as he listens carefully to their problems.

This valuable information gathered from listening to client predicaments is then used to refute vigorously the arguments presented by the district attorney. He knows that speaking forthright about possible consequences and always being available to answer client questions is essential for a positive attorney-client relationship.

Confidence is a key trait that leads to trust and faith in him as he works tirelessly and diligently to fight the charges brought against his clients. Hard work, perseverance, and determination are what clients can expect from Mark Mack.

Attorney Mark Mack

Attorney Mark A. Hinrichs

As a criminal defense lawyer, Attorney Mark Hinrichs represents and protects individuals facing serious consequences. Mark is privileged and honored to stand with the individual citizen to “level the playing field" against the Commonwealth - an adversary with vast resources and advantages. Every case is important and he always gives 100% to get the best result possible for each client.

In 2000, Mark graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Miami. Following graduation from college, he secured employment as a paralegal working alongside Roy Black, Esquire, and other attorneys at Black, Srebnick, Kornspan, and Sumpf, P.A. In 2007, Mark graduated from Nova Southeastern University Shepard Broad Law Center and subsequently passed the Pennsylvania and New Jersey bar examinations that same year.

Since 2008, Mark has dedicated his career to becoming an expert criminal defense lawyer. Over the past ten years, he has trained with some of the most successful, highly respected criminal defense attorneys in Pennsylvania, Florida, and New Jersey. Mark learned the value of preparation, attention to detail, integrity, and perseverance – key ingredients for every successful criminal attorney. He approaches every case with the client’s needs and concerns as a top priority. Unless instructed otherwise by the client, Mark approaches each case with the attitude that the case will be resolved successfully at trial rather than to immediately recommend the client plead guilty. In his law practice, Mark conducts a full, exhaustive investigation of the allegations in order to provide the client with all available options supported by sound, reliable legal advice.

Upon joining Mack Law Offices in 2020, Attorney Mark Hinrichs brought approximately 10 years of Philadelphia criminal defense trial experience to the firm and will continue the same aggressive, professional, and thorough legal representation to his cases throughout Central and Eastern Pennsylvania.

Attorney Hinrich

Attorney Sidney D. May

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Attorney Sidney D. May

John Denslow


I was facing five misdemeanor charges! Let me tell you... this guy walks in the court like a true (Boss). I don't know how, but I walked out with four out of five charges dropped, and a $198 fine. If you are looking for a true attorney, THIS IS YOUR GUY.

Josh Swainbank


I was very satisfied with all of my representation of Mack Law Offices...and very pleased with the outcome of my case! Highly recommend if you want some peace of mind and let these guys go to work for you so you can move on with your life!