If you are looking for a lawyer to get you the best results then Attorney Mack is your man! He is no nonsense, aggressive, professional. His experience allows him to work magic in the courtroom. He saved me from having to go to jail, and from having a record. He the best trial attorney that I have ever seen.


I called on a Friday morning and ask for help with the case that I’m involved in I got face to face consultation that afternoon and after searching for several attorneys I found one that best suited my case. so I decided to hire him at a very reasonable cost. very knowledgeable of the situation didn’t try to pull any strings was very honest upfront and open. very very very highly recommended. my case is also a criminal casejust in case anyone was wondering.

very pleasant knowledgeable great overall highly recommended

I am a former client of Attorney Mack’s and can not say enough great things about the quality of his representation. Not only did he win my case and not only was I kept informed throughout the process, but I also was empowered to choose the direction of my case at every juncture. Attorney Mack and his staff treated me with respect and provided me with extensive information. His personal assistant also had a great sense of humor and was calming, and his Paralegal was very thorough. The entire staff was professional from start to finish and were all a pleasure to work with through my difficult time. Another important note was that Attorney Mack called me after business hours, and also met me on a Saturday to accommodate my work schedule. I’m so happy with Attorney Mack’s results that I felt compelled to write this review to help out anyone else who is also trying to decide on which lawyer to hire. Expect a reasonable fee for a 30 year plus seasoned lawyer. Attorney Mack was worth every penny!

Successful, Experienced, No-Nonsense Lawyer You Can Count On!

This attorney by far knows his stuff. I met with several other lawyers for my DUI all on the same street as Attorney Mack’s office, and then I met with Attorney Mack last. Wow, hands down he took the most time to explain my options with me. The end result was exactly as he explained. His staff was also very professional unlike the other lawyers that I met with.

His price was reasonable. A few other lawyers were slightly less, but I would say “you get what you pay for.” Attorney Mack is a no nonsense experienced criminal lawyer that I would recommend to anyone.

Attorney Mack is a no nonsense aggressive polished lawyer

Attorney Mark Mack changed my daughters life. His compassion, empathy, and understanding was second to none. He believed in my daughter and fought for her as if it were his child. I’m my opinion, he is hands down her guardian angel on earth. Because of him, his colleagues, and staff, her dreams have become a reality. His firm took the time and patience to walk us through the legal processes and we never felt rushed or that they did not have time for us. Everything he said he would do for us, he did. If you want a positive, long lasting positive experience then the Mack Law Firm should be your ONLY choice!!!!

Compassion and Empathy

Mark M. Mack Helped me get out of my charges and was very respectful and put me out of my worries , i highly recommended this attorney he helped me well.

Great Attorney to have.

Gave me an appointment on a holladay. Said to me put your mind at ease go home enjoy the rest opf your holladay and dont worry, I will handle the rest. Great atterney cant go wrong great result. Thank you mister Mack.

Great man and lawyer

Attorney Mack’s superior knowledge of the law and expertise at providing highly professional service, was exactly what was required to win swift justice for me on a highly personal case. Thank you Attorney Mack.

Great Service

I recently needed legal help for a DUI…being my first offense, I was very scared & totally inexperienced with anything involving the legal system. From the moment I stepped foot in Mr. Mark Mack’s office, I knew I had made the right choice. He & his staff treated me with the utmost respect & went out of their way to calm my nerves. They were so patient with me, never made me feel rushed & took extra care to be sure I understood everything that was going on even before it happened. His many years experience in a courtroom was very apparent & I had total faith in him the entire way. I found his fees to be more than fair, as I was quoted much higher by other attorneys with less experience. As promised, my case went in my favor & the whole experience was much better than I thought it could be. Thank you attorney Mack…I am forever grateful & it’s no wonder you are the ABSOLUTE BEST in the business!!


I consulted with two attorneys about my pending Criminal charges – Attorney Mack being one of them and I must say I left his office feeling well at ease and assured he would get the job done. Attorney Mack was very professional and aggressive at court which was what I needed for my case. Ending result I received no jail time and a very low fine. THANK YOU SO MUCH ATTORNEY MACK I am most grateful to you and your staff for being there for me whenever I had a question etc. I will definitely refer you.

Very pleased

Attorney Mark Mack and his team really helped me get out of a bad situation (possession and domestic violence). I have a couple of past problems and he said he could take care of it. I knew I was gonna be doing time for sure this time, but he made sure the judge understood my situation and I got the charges reduced to misdemeanor. I really gotta give it to Attorney Mack, he knew exactly what to say to the judge. Even though I didn’t think it would help, it did.

I really think Attorney Mack changed history for me. I could have gone to jail, but he explained what happened and got me a better situation. I bet he can do it for you.

Great Attorney! Really pulled all the stops and got me the best deal!

Attorney Mack lost no time in responding to a family matter. He is highly professional and his knowledge of the law far outweighs the compeition. He immediatley gets to the heart of the matter, clarifying each and every detail, leaving no stone unturned to reach a clear and precise settlement.

Best in the Business

Losing is NOT an Option. Call Attorney Mack Now!


Why Mack?
  1. 35 years of specialized experience 

  2. Extensive courtroom and trial experience

  3. Skilled negotiator and a successful trial attorney

  4. Strong record representing both adults and juveniles

  5. Handles your case personally

  6. Big firm legal advice and services, small firm atmosphere

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